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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the actual material of Karran?

Karran is a 100% acrylic resin that is chemical modified to enhance its density, thus making it completely 100% non-porous. It has no fillers or mineral additives.

If we have hard water or iron in our water, will this stain my Karran sink?

The answer is simple - NO!! Nothing will stain a Karran sink. We warranty it against staining for 50 years.

If take a hot pot direct off the stove and place it in the sink, will it mark the sink?

Karran sinks will withstand temperatures up to 365ºF. In practical terms pots that have been boiling vegetables are generally below 365ºF. But some frying pans and cast iron pots that have been cooking at high heat may be over this temperature. So care should be taken by letting the pot or pan cool first.

What is thermal shock and can it damage a Karran sink?

Thermal shock results from a dramatic change in temperature. It can cause other solid surface sinks (this includes man-made marble sinks) to crack. Karran, partly due to its fiberglass backing, will never crack because of thermal shock. Feel free to pour boiling water or trays of ice into your sink. No damage will result.

Will abrasive cleaners damage my sink?

No - In fact Comet®, Ajax® and Scotch-Brite® pads are the cleaners recommended for use on Karran. Karran is so easy to clean that water and a sponge will suffice, but the use of abrasive cleaners on more stubborn dirt is recommended.

Can I use a standard garbage disposal unit?

Any standard unit will work. Waste holes are standard US size of 3½".

How hygienic is the sink?

Karran is very hygienic. Because it is 100% non-porous it cannot harbor growth of bacteria. Karran vanity bowls do not come with overflows as these are prone to dirt build-up and bacterial growth.

Why does the sink have a fiberglass backing?

This fiberglass backing gives the sink great strength and rigidity. It aids in insulation and sound absorption.

Are the sinks tested and certified by a recognized U.S. organization?

All sinks comply with ANSI Z124.6-1997. All sinks are listed with IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association).

Are faucet holes pre-drilled?

No, faucet holes are not pre-drilled as this allows the homeowner access to more faucet choices. But drilling is easy. Simply select the best location on the deck from the assorted marker holes on the underside of the deck and use a 1½" standard hole saw to cut the holes.

My self-rimming double bowl sink appears bowed. Is it defective?

No, your sink is fine. This is natural because of the curing process of the fiberglass backing. There is a block of wood between the two bowls on the underside. Simply tap this in further with a hammer until the sink is completely straight and then install using silicone and the attached clips.

If I damage my sink can I repair it?

Most damage can be repaired. For minor scratches use a Scotch-Brite® pad. For deeper scratches use a fine or medium grit sandpaper. In most cases small chips can also be sanded out. Larger chips may require a repair kit that is available directly from Karran USA (Tel: 866-452-7726).

Do the self-rimming sinks come with a template for the cut out?

No, they do not because the sink is used for the cutout. Simply invert the sink on the countertop in the desired location, trace a line around the outside, trace another line ½" inside of this line and then, using a jig saw, cut along this line.


Can I really undermount a sink to a laminate countertop?

Absolutely. It provides a great look and the convenience of being able to wipe your countertops directly into your sink. No rims to trap dirt and water. It's more hygienic than a self-rimming sink.