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The Standards

With its amazing collection of colors, patterns and textures, The Standards from Wilsonart continue to inspire unique, unexpected and functional designs. Each look within The Standards helps you see the surface in a whole new light.

Light Beige 1531-60

Mandarin Red 1511-60

Putty 1503-60

Grey 1500-60

White Leather 2970-60

Chargrey Suede 2902-60

Nirvana 1792-60

Sierra Marble 1788-60

Oxide 1787-60

Dove Grey D92-60

Slate Grey D91-60

North Sea D90-60

Hunter Green D79-60

Khaki Brown D50-60

Black Forest D482-60

Tuscan Olive D481-60

Amazon D478-60

Almond Leather 2932-60

White Suede 2904-60

Valley Pecan P361A-60

Haze D97-60

Shadow D96-60

Featherstone D72-60

Bluejay D322-60

Brittany Blue D321-60

Shadowblue D318-60

Platinum D315-60

Hollyberry D307-60

Natural Almond D30-60

Atlantis D25-60

Wineberry D15-60

Port D14-60

Alabaster D431-60

Lapis Blue D417-60

White Sand D403-60

Cloud D391-60

Fashion Grey D381-60

Indigo D379-60

Designer White D354-60

Marigold D341-60

Pebble D337-60

Sand D331-60

Pewter D73-60

Bisque D329-60

Larkspur D328-60

Pepperdust D327-60

Pampas 4166-60

Neutral Glace 4143-60

Grey Glace 4142-60

Blue Hirado 4105-60

Cafe Crème D456

Wallaby D439-60

Puma D437-60

Fleece D436-60

Grey Nebula 4622-60

White Nebula 4621-60

Artesia 4558-60

Dakota Ridge 4557-60

Ebony Star 4552-90

Blackstar Granite 4551-1

Granite 4550-1

Stratos 4509-60

Fresco 4207-60

Natural Legacy 4655-60

Olive Legacy 4654-60

Navy Legacy 4651-60

Beige Pampas 4170-60

Grey Pampas 4168-60

Blue Moraine 4646-60

Monterey Storm 4639-60

Monterey Sun 4638-60

Monterey Haze 4637-60

Natural Nebula 4633-60

Teal Nebula 4632-60

Cloud Nebula 4630-60

Sand Nebula 4628-60

Hunter Nebula 4627-60

Beige Nebula 4624-60

Graphite Nebula 4623-60

Caldera Rose 4609-60

Caldera Beige 4608-60

Woolamai Brush 4746-60

Roletta 4740-60

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