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More Information on Standard Lavatories

  1. Standard Lavatories all have at least one integral (molded-in) bowl.  The bowl is generally centered, although we now offer some Standards with offset bowls.
  2. All Standard Lavatories have an integral backsplash.  If you want no backsplash or no bowl, see the Custom Section.
  3. Standard Lavatories have a raised edge around the front and both ends.  For Flat or Ogee edge, see the Custom Section.
  4. Standard Lavatories are less expensive than custom ones because they are cast on specific molds which are based on standards in the cabinet industry, and so they require less time and labor to manufacture.
  5. Standards can often be cut down at a small charge to make other sizes (that might otherwise require a custom setup), or to facilitate wall-to-wall installations.  Up to 1 1/2" can be cut off each end of a Standard






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